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My name is Tim, and I have been bowling for 10 years!  I consider myself a very good bowler, and this website exists to help you become a better bowler!  I'm going to teach you all my tips and tricks that I have developed over the years along with showing you the right mental focus it takes to become a professional.  Along with being serious, I also enjoy humor as well, and throughout my website you will come across many cool and interesting things, and of course they are all about bowling!  Lately, I have been helping write expertise articles for YurTopic, but I plan on getting back to my bowling site soon, so to start, check out these cool videos!

Okay guys this is the lesson we have all been waiting for!


A Bunch of wacky bowling moves that you should NEVER try!

The famous Backwards Bowler! This is a MUST see!

Human Bowling experience! Kids don't try this at home!


Japanese style bowling. Hey, who said they aren't creative?

Sexy Bowling!





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