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Bowling Sideways - Bad.




       Bowling Sideways - Bad.

QUESTION: Ok, so i really love bowling but have been having trouble lately, when I release my ball I have a habit of turning my body which really throws off my game. I know as sson as i start to walk that it's going to happen but i just can't help it. I turn about 40- 80 degrees right which really annoys me but i'm wondering if anybody has any hints on how to fix this.

TIM'S ANSWER: I would recommend you to lower your backswing, and try to make Your steps straight. At starting position, point Your feet straight and maintain straight foot direction trough-out the approach - it should help not to turn the body. I mentioned the backswing (I haven't seen You bowl), because one of the reasons why You could be turning, is that You want a higher backswing, and one of the ways to get higher backswing is to open shoulders. But very often bowlers do this wrong - instead of opening shoulders they rotate them - that causes the lost of direction. Because You are rotating Your shoulders, Your body perhaps is just "going along". Just my thoughts...

Also, one key fault can cause two or three other faults. Suppose you take your first step too fast. This is one possibility you might be doing, it results in poor timing, too fast footwork, and being off balance at the foul line. Another thing is you might be allowing the right shoulder to be pulled back and out of line, which brings on such other problems such as improperly facing the pins, finishing sideways at the foul line and a poor follow-through. You might be lunging at the foul line, this ruins timing, makes the release jerky, and may cause you to hop to the right after you release the ball.

If you need additional info you can check out the Ultimate Bowling Guide eBook, there is a small price for it, but it's well worth it in my opinion.  Good luck and keep practicing!








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