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How can I increase my Bowling Ball Speed?





How can you increase your bowling ball speed you may ask. If you have always had slow ball and can't quite figure out how to throw harder then read on.

A change in the number of steps in your approach will increase ball speed too. Going from a three step to a four or five step will give you more room to get going faster. And more time to swing the ball higher, if you want to go that route.

Most bowlers I've seen who try to "throw harder" wind up doing the exact opposite. They actually get slower from arm tension. They wind up decelerating at release instead of accelerating through the bottom of the swing. Tell yourself that you want to throw the ball another foot and a half farther out on the lane, you have to accelerate through the bottom of the swing to accomplish that. The ball won't go that far, but it will get a little farther out on the lane, and that combined with the extra "oomph" at the bottom of the swing will get you some extra MPH's and help carry the ball farther downlane before it starts to hook.

Ball speed is relative to the individual. Each bowler has a different ball speed. I usually suggest people to develop the skill to vary their ball speeds on command. In my mind there is no ideal ball speed or best ball speed, since it's really all depends on the person, style, their personality, and relative to the lane conditions you bowl on. Obviously, one common adjustment is to increase ball speed when lanes appear to be hooking more than normal, or to reduce ball speed when lanes appear tighter than normal. But, to be able to adjust your ball speed on command comfortable, confidently, and to then be consistent at it for a period of games, that takes work, training, practice, patience, and skill development.

Adjusting ball speed is accomplished in a couple ways. A great deal of developing ball speed changes depends on your style. But, some simple guidelines follow. If you have a free armswing and you have a relaxed game and approach , then you can attempt to raise the ball to shoulder height in the stance, and then generate a larger than normal pushaway (upward and outward), at least it will feel upward and outward. But do not let the new push away fool you. By generating a larger pushaway from a higher height, your armswing should ideally swing faster and further into your backswing, and then maintain a similar swing speed on the downswing on through the release. Your footwork might speed up, or increase , it really depends if you are a swing-dominant style of player or an approach-dominant style of player. Either way, allow your body to adjust to your increased armswing speed and length. These are things you can practice under the watchful eye of a instructor who can help you develop these skills . Remember, quality instruction and training enables you to reinforce your practice, or correct the flaws in them since you cannot see yourself bowl, and you do not necessarily see and know the way .

So, my suggest would be to practice varying your ball's speed if you want to develop it as an adjustment in your game.

If you need additional info you can check out the Ultimate Bowling Guide eBook, there is a small price for it, but it's well worth it in my opinion.  Good luck and keep practicing!








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