5 step approach

The Right Bowling Ball Approach




       Is there a universal number of steps a bowler should take or doesn't it matter?

There are as many different theories on this as there are about what balls to use when, what the ideal rev rate/ball speed is, etc.

4 step bowlers and 5 step bowlers have both had tremendous success at the PBA level, as have more unorthodox styles.

The key, IMO, is that your approach MUST:

1. Be repeatable, EVERY time, as close as possible. To me, the fewer number of steps, the easier to repeat.

2. Your approach must allow you to get to the line at the same time you release your ball. Too many steps can lead to late timing, and too few steps can lead to early timing.

I prefer my 5 step approach, as it is essentially a 4 step but that timing step at the beginning allows me to "sync up" my push away with my 2nd step, every time. It gives me a good rhythm and when I am executing well, I have a pretty decent strike/pocket percentage.

The bottom line is, USE WHAT WORKS FOR YOU! If you are averaging 195, it can't be all that bad. Now, would it hold up under tournament pressure, on a difficult shot that penalizes small mistakes? That's debatable. But if you are looking for this bowler to say you are crazy, not going to happen.

Normally I have my feet together, with my left foot in front of my right. As you go into your approach, your steps should get progressively LONGER...this is a problem I have in that my first 2-3 can get fast and then I have trouble getting my body under me at the line, which robs me of quality revolutions or pulls my ball off target.

I swear by the 5 step delivery, because it's a 4 step with one step to get me in time. When I am "in the zone", I'll outstrike any 4 step person in my house.

One important point however: You must PAUSE slightly after taking your first step so you can start your pushaway and 2nd step properly...if you simple take the first step and don't pause you'll get the ball into your armswing too soon and will either have early/late timing at the line, neither of which will help.

I feel that people using 4 step deliveries tend to get too fast quite often and they lose their balance at the line. Hope this helps! If you need additional info you can check out the Ultimate Bowling Guide eBook, there is a small price for it, but it's well worth it in my opinion.  Good luck and keep practicing!







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