Becoming better at bowling

Become a better bowler - A step up from a newbie





Are you interested in improving your bowling game? You can start getting better scores right away by correcting common mistakes that lots of people make. Anyone can become better at bowling no matter how experienced they are.

The first step to becoming a better bowler is to buy your own equipment. If you get a ball that is custom fit to your hand it will feel lighter and will be a lot easier to control. If you use a different ball every time you bowl, you will never be consistent. For your equipment, you will need a ball, a bag, a towel and shoes.

When you decide to purchase a ball, you need to realize that there are several different types of balls. Balls may have high hook, medium hook, low hook, or no hook. However, be aware that bowling balls do not hook on their own; you make them do it. Some bowlers even carry three balls for different hook types. High hook balls are used if the lane has heavy oil, medium hook balls are used if the lane has medium oil and for dry lanes you use little or no hooking balls. If you only want to purchase one ball, you should get a medium hook ball. For the weight of the ball, just be sure you don't get one that is too heavy for you to handle.

For your equipment to last, you will need to take care of it. Don't leave your ball in the garage or the car for a long time. Bowling balls can crack or melt if they are left in extreme conditions. You should also be sure to keep your ball clean. Your shoes also will need care. Don't wear them outside of the bowling center. Also, try not to step in any food or soda.

When you go bowling, wear comfortable clothes. Try not to wear tight or really loose clothing. When it is your turn, be right there and ready. Keep your mind on the game between frames. Make sure your hand that you bowl with is completely dry so that you can release the ball efficiently. Check the bottom of you sliding shoe to make sure it is clean and dry. When you pick up your ball, dry it off all the way to remove any dirt or oil. Try to relax; take a deep breath before you approach.

Something that many bowlers fail to do is practice. You need to practice at least twice as much as you actually play. You can either practice alone or with other people. Both can be helpful. Try to work and concentrate on one problem that you have at a time. Also, when you practice, don't keep score because this can be very distracting. If you get discouraged or frustrated you should quit and come back later or you might develop some bad habits.

These things may seem like very simple things that won't make a difference, but they really do. These are very common mistakes that many bowlers don't even think about. The most important thing you can do is believe in yourself and believe that you can become a better bowler.

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